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About Becky Gardiner in Burntwood

About Becky

Reiki has been a part of my life for the past two years - but I feel like I have always known it. It has been ready and waiting for the time that I was ready to work with it - to understand it’s place in my life.

Someone suggested to me one day that a family member may benefit from some ‘healing’ when he was suffering from agonising shoulder pain. At that time I was not aware of Reiki. When I started to look into ‘healing’ Reiki was the first thing that caught my attention. I felt an overwhelming connection and at that moment knew that Reiki was meant to be a part of my life.

I was struck by it’s simplicity. In a world that is so fast-paced and demanding, zapping our energies on a daily basis, to read about a healing source of energy that could restore balance and harmony within us struck a cord with me. At that time I was managing an ever-demanding job, facing on-going threats of redundancy and increasing levels of demand when resources were limited. I was exhausted, burnt out, stressed and generally feeing over-whelmed, isolated and lost.

For some time I had sensed that there was more within me to offer, that I had a deep rooted calling just waiting to come out. Now I felt like I had discovered what it was that had been so pent up within me all these years. I felt a rush of excitement and liberation. Suddenly all seemed clear to me- I had to forge my way out of my current work, before the stress got a hold on me and my health started to deteriorate permanently.

I started to receive Reiki treatments - and realised how much negative energy I was carrying around with me- no wander I felt drained. I understood that this was a journey, one that I had responsibility for and one that Reiki would be an integral part of. I came to see that all the answers actually lay within me- I had been so distracted and focused on the external world, looking for answers to my questions and constant frustrations- I had failed to see that I was looking in the wrong place. At last I finally started to re-connect with myself - I no longer had the feeling of being lost - I had come home.

Reiki has a profound ability to help us know our true selves, to re-connect with who we are and to understand our life purpose. It has helped me start to truly wake up, to understand the universal way of working, that we are all one, the ability that we all have to shape our lives the way we want to and according to our soul’s path.

I genuinely believe that more and more people are beginning to wake up and to yearn for a simpler, healthier way of living. We live in such a materially focused world, driven by the desire to consume more and more. This is a never-ending cycle that serves to distract us from the true essence of our being. Our focus is shifted to the assumption that more and more ‘things’ will bring us what we need- when they don’t we move onto the next ‘thing’.

When I left my job of thirteen years earlier this year, in my leaving speech to colleagues I said that I had had a ‘calling’. The words were not planned and just came out- my inner self was at last free to express itself. I passionately believe that Reiki, and other holistic therapies, can offer us all so much in helping us through, helping us remove the veil and finally to start living our lives with true fulfilment. At times it can feel like the easier option is to go back to sleep, to the robotic trance that left us functioning but not living. That way things are predictable, mapped out, we think we are in control. We are not however, instead we are being controlled, our energies are being fed into the machine of society- helping fuel the cogs that turn for the benefit of the minority, those who’s agenda is not about maximising the health and well-being of the human population. I feel this struggle too and some days it is difficult to maintain a positive striving forward. It can feel draining to stay on a path that society is trying to pull us off, trying to tempt us with so many superficial things that will keep us in it’s bubble. If we all work together however, as a collective conscious, then we can start to see a change. This is happening to an extent, people are making choices, questioning what they have been drip-fed and brainwashed into believing. There are still many however that are happy in their slumber. We all have a role to play and our actions, however small, all have a ripple effect.

I think we all instinctively know this- that there is a different way. There are many great things about our world and about the human race- when we work in harmony with each other and with the universe, with nature and it’s elements then the results are spectacular. It is often the simplest things that bring about the most joy- a stranger smiling at you in the street, a kind gesture from someone- given for love not for gain, the feel of the sun on your skin or the sound of laughter in the night air. It is from this thought that the name ‘Simply Healing’ came. We all have such amazing gifts- let’s use them. Let’s help each other along the road to a better state of being, our potential is enormous. Like everyone, I am on a life voyage. I have learnt, the hard way like many people, that it is not about the final destination but about the journey. Living for today and in the moment, learning to being open to the clues that the universe brings to us to help us and guide us. Understanding that we all have a soul purpose, that we all have something to offer and that the universe is waiting for us to ask for it’s help!

I very much look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Should you need to contact Becky you can call her on 07853 282 260 or use the website contact form here.


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I would without a doubt recommend the Reiki treatment with Becky from simply healing. the sessions I had left me feeling relaxed, calm and more emotionally balanced. becky's professional, (more)
friendly and calming nature helped me to feel at ease throughout the session and the aftercare tips explained following the treatment were very helpful too. i'll soon be booking further Reiki sessions with simply healing. (less)

RP Broseley, Shropshire
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