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Reflections with Becky Gardiner

Welcome to my Reflections page. Here you'll find articles and snippets that are of interest to me that I'd like to share:


So Much Potential!

Within every human being lies untapped potential that has been lost, forgotten and even supressed.

It's time to uncover the truth about who you really are, to strip back the layers and open up within you something extraordinary that contains the ability to co-create a life worthy of your existence.

Our imagination is such a powerful tool and one that links us to our truth.

Creative Visualisation is a means of setting our imaginations free- enabling us to begin a journey of self-discovery, helping us to deeply relax, discover the deeper dimensions within us, let go of our fears, gain clarity and understanding, relieve tensions and let go of what no longer serves us.

Coming soon to 'Simply Healing'! Where will your journey take you?



Love is everywhere- if we look. Sometimes obvious, sometimes discreet. It is in nature, a gesture a smile to a stranger. Love shared is love multiplied. A hug for a friend, a meal with the family. It is love that binds us, that helps us to rise above. Where there is love there is hope. It is love that will set us free, it is love that can build us up again- as one individual and as a collective.

Love takes us to a higher vibration, it stands tall in the darkness and rises above the hate, the greed, the fighting. Love sets us free of the binds we have created and helps us awaken to see our potential.


Thank You

'Thank you'- little words but so very powerful. Appreciated by many but not always shared. The little things that matter and lift someone's day. To be thanked is to be loved, respected, considered worthy- what a difference that can make!


Find your roots & soar

As you stand in the gentle breeze, feel your roots. They will ground you, connect you and feed your soul.

As you stand in the warmth of the sun, feel your connection with all that is. The ripple.

As you stand in the pouring rain have belief in yourself, you matter.

Look around you and love what you see. The tiny creatures at your feet, the glory of the flowers in bloom, the richness of the rotting leaves. They all have a role to play.

Speak to the world, share your thoughts, say thanks and speak your truth.

Listen to your inner voice and trust in what you hear.

Be open to receive and allow this to flow right to your roots- for we are all one.




Sleep restores us and helps us to function, vital to our growth.

But when we wake up what do we see? The bubble that society has put us in or the true reality of our world?

Are we awake to what really matters- the things that we have always known? Are we awake to the distortions around us, the controls bourn down upon us?

We have a choice- let's go through the veil and together see what lies beyond...


'The Ripple'

Just one exchange.... can lift a heart, brighten someone's day, touch their soul and make them shine.

The highest, purest vibration, a truth expressed from love, creates a ripple.

A void , where there once may have been darkness, is filled.

A smile, an act of kindness, an acknowledgement, a listening and present ear, a connection...

we are all one.


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'Creative Visualisation'

Allow yourself some time out to relax, gain clarity & understanding, let go of unwanted fears, tune back in to the wisdom of your inner consciousness.

More information coming very soon...
I would without a doubt recommend the Reiki treatment with Becky from simply healing. the sessions I had left me feeling relaxed, calm and more emotionally balanced. becky's professional, (more)
friendly and calming nature helped me to feel at ease throughout the session and the aftercare tips explained following the treatment were very helpful too. i'll soon be booking further Reiki sessions with simply healing. (less)

RP Broseley, Shropshire
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